The VX 810 DUET is a two-in-one, compact countertop payment solution with a payment interface, and capabilities for multiple applications and connectivity choices. Merchants and customers benefit from the countertop's dual-user functionality that results in speedy payment processing and improves customer service. What makes the Vx 810 DUET unique is its dual design - an easy to hand over PIN pad that sits on a base unit containing a thermal printer and high-speed communications.

The VX 810 DUET offers fast transactions and many payment types, such as smart card, mag stripe, contactless, and PIN-based debit. It's ideal for high-volume points of sale, with PCI PED for secure PIN-based debit transactions. Features quick multi-tasking and multiple connectivity choices in any environment, including Ethernet, USB and serial ports.

key benefits

Dual Functionality, Familiar Interface

Combines a PIN pad and handover countertop device that benefits merchants and consumers. Easy-to-use, ATM-style interface increases customer speed and processing.

Modular Expansion, Flexible Payments

Supports payment, EMV smart card transactions and value-add applications. Contactless module accepts both EMV and mag-stripe contactless payments for global flexibility.

Highly Secure, Multiple Layers of Protection

Security certifications include Interac, PCI PED and EMV Level 1 and 2. Supports multiple smart card solutions and added data protection for secure EMV smart card transactions.