Solutions For Small Businesses

Accept Card Payments Wherever Your Business Takes You

Verifone's complete payment solution for small businesses transforms smart devices into secure payment portals - ensuring merchants never miss a sale. Simply swipe a card using our free, secure audio reader, capture a signature and enjoy the convenience of anywhere payments.

From a single site to multiple sites, Verifone answers the need for mobile solutions by extending the point of sale, allowing merchants to go mobile and accept payments anywhere, deliver personalized shopping experiences and create new revenue streams.

+ Expand your customer base, reduce transaction fees, and break down barriers to business growth
+ Earn more sales revenue while keeping transactions safe with our end-to-end encryption; no other manufacturer offers this level of safety and security
+ Our mobile card encryption device is designed to survive in your business rough-and-tumble world, and perform flawlessly

Key Benefits

Integrate Seamlessly with Your Business

With SMB, you get complete, easy-to-access transaction data and a reliable gateway service that’s ideal for small businesses – all via the web. No need to buy any hardware or software, or a payment engine. No matter how many mart devices you have, consolidate all your payments into a single PAYware Connect portal.

Easy To Use App

Simple, sleek, and easy to use. Swipe a card and a tone tells you the fully encrypted data was accepted. Push a button to capture the signature, add a tip to the bill and finalize the sale which then emails a receipt.

Rugged & Secure

Verifone Mobile Solutions rugged, tough card encryption device is the only mobile product with end-to-end encryption. Designed to meet PA-DSS requirements for application security, Verifone Mobile Solutions are also sturdy and compact, so it perform flawlessly even under rigorous use.