Solutions For Retail

Create a Checkout, Wherever, Whenever

Verifone Mobile Solutions for Enterprise Retail is a mobile payment solution for medium to large businesses that transforms smart devices and tablets into secure transaction portals. Simply swipe, insert or tap a card, and enjoy the convenience of payments - wherever business happens.

Change the game with advanced features such as a 1D/2D barcode imager, integrated PIN pad and customizable app integration. Verifone Mobile Solutions for Enterprise Retail is the ideal solution for merchants who want their clerks to get up from behind the cash register, speed up transactions and interact with consumers anywhere in the store.

Key Benefits

Accept All Forms of Payment

Whether magnetic stripe, EMV chip and PIN, NFC/contactless cards, devices or phones, Verifone Mobile Solutions for Enterprise Retail delivers a secure transaction wherever the sale takes place.

Multi-functional POS

Exceed your customers’ needs and empower your sales team with a single, multi-functional POS device for line busting, inventory management, remote scanning, price checking and easy cross-selling. Efficiency is boosted and revenue opportunities are endless.

Flexible Customization

Combine innovative technology with Verifone GlobalBay's mobile POS solution, or integrate to the software solution of your choice.